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i want to learn

  • 4 July 2019
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hello everyone i am new here and i want to learn more about computer science

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Greetings @frankizi,

We are pleased that you share that beautiful title with us, you are very welcome and i would like to write you some thoughts that may contribute to this nice process of wanting to learn.

Coursera offers you a range of courses on this and many other fields that can be related or complemented.

What do you think if before you get into computer science you learn How to learn, it sounds interesting right!

This can be taken as a course to start in this continuous learning, i mean that coursera provides free courses as a model for development and bases for more complex studies or focused on an area, then it would be very successful use this technique to generate awareness and interact with the dynamics of the platform if it's the first time you are going to do a course here.

Maybe as my opinion i would recommend the same Learn to Program, that focuses on what wrote above, addressed to what you told us that you want know more or if you want firts looking through innovative context as Becoming a changemaker. Noting that the attached links are provide searching as free courses.

After you feel motivated because you cherish to finish some of these or keeping that think of learn, i can say you are in the good train to enroll in any other courses inside the area that you like with an accessible price or observing if the financial aid is possible, wanting that you be more part of this community through your personal improvement.