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I’m founding a new volunteering group that helps students to learn on online courses

  • 28 November 2018
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Firstly I want to introduce myself, I’m Beshoy from Egypt, and I’m studying Mechatronics engineering. I took about 5 courses here from coursera, and going on to take more. I find it helpful to my study and quite easy to take.
Secondly It’s just an idea and I hope to make it on my university ( specially in faculty of engineering first then the other faculties ).
This because I find it important for the engineers and there are many courses support there studies.
I want to help students to know more about online learning courses. Actually here in my country Egypt there is no knowledge about online learning and if some know it, they think that it’s hard and they don’t finish the course, this maybe because they don’t work in study group.

our job is
to help students to know the courses that helps them in their study and we will arrange a study group with a monitor to help them how to finish this course and we will help them in how to study and what must you do and told them the best ways to study the online courses and we will encourage them to finish it to take the valuable certification.
The goals of this volunteering are : 1) be self-learner 2) Improve your skills 3) learn new things 4) choose your study and make your career
5) improve your cv 6) be long life learner

That's all about the new volunteering group which I’m thinking about...
I want to know :
what is your opinions about this?
what name do you suggest to name this volunteering?
what do you suggest to me to do?
what can i add to this volunteering to become bigger and helpful?
what other goals must I take in mind?
what is first steps must i take?

Guys, I’m looking to hear you all
Thank you

3 replies

Hi Besho,
What a nice idea. I studied mechatronics also (long ago) in the Netherlands and I wish we had online supporting material. It should be very useful (and fun!) when a group of students enrols in the same course at the same time, so that you together can make it through the material. The first step? I would try to involve a teacher or professor from your university. If they make a Coursera course a (small) part of the curriculum, students will follow. They can use the course discussion forums to share opinions and issues and there you go. It will perhaps be difficult to encourage your university teachers to use Coursera, but hopefully they will see the benefit of this kind of education.
Good luck, Bernardus.
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Hi @Bernardus W. ,
yes I will tell my professor of the department and then I will tell the dean , but they will not use coursera in their teach I know. They will encourage us to start and may the assistant teacher offer help to understand the material and will help us with the material of the course which in the lab...
we can fund this volunteering in our universities and get online help with each other with my study group and your study group and it will be a great experience to all the participants ..
i hope this become a great help to all the university students
are you with me with this startup 💪?
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hey, I am from Egypt too.
I finished some courses here related to computer science and design. I still taking new courses.
I study civil engineering in the university.
I am searching a CS community, to get more encouraged and updated.