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How do you drive eminence in your organization ?

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Your value as a professional is determined by how much value you create. The more value you create, the more valuable you become. Eminence is about creating value at the highest levels, and correspondingly, driving your value to the highest levels. There are different types of eminence:
1) Technical Eminence : It is the quality of being recognized for the ability to innovate, influence the future, and address some of the most significant problems in the world today. It includes the pride in being a technical expert, working with other technical experts to solve the most challenging, diverse complex problems in the world for our clients. It involves connecting one’s individual technical contributions to the contributions of others to develop, shape and change the world.
2) Social Eminence : Social eminence is a by-product of good social engagement, not the center piece. But what exactly defines good social engagement?
Let's talk about what you can do to drive eminence in your organization...
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Hi @Sonia Malik. Thanks for sharing this opportunity with the Coursera Community. Is this a live chat happening on Twitter? Is it designed to be relevant to people working in all industries?
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Hi Laura,
Yes, it’s a live Twitter chat happening tomorrow at 12 Noon EST. It would be relevant for anyone in any industry - basically, anyone who thinks it time to demonstrate some leadership and get some visibility in their organization and externally too!