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How Did You Meet a Close Friend or Spouse?

Let’s share stories about some of the ways we met a close friend or spouse. In @Laura ‘s thread about what are you passionate about, we briefly discussed how close friends have met.

I met my husband in school. We were both teachers. In those days, there was a shortage of male teachers so the NYC Board pf Education promised that they would train any young males interested in teaching. They would be given an exemption from the draft too. These were the years of the Vietnam War. Suddenly, the school systems were filled with young energetic men! It was my fortune to enter the system at the time. It was incredible! For all of us young female teachers, we couldn’t believe our good fortune!

My husband and I both had older students, the kind who recognized that they needed to get their teachers together! One afternoon a student from his class visited me to tell me he wanted to see me after school. Unbeknownst to us, a student from my class visited him and asked if he would come to my class after school to discuss something important. I waited after school that day and wondered what could be so important? I became interested in him and watched him all that day. He had gorgeous green eyes with datk brown curly hair, just my type! But best of all, the way he treated his class was exceptional. He was so nice and kind to them. They respected and loved him so much. I remember thinking he would make a wonderful father one day...

He walked into my classroom, sat down at one of the student desks, and we started to talk. After about a half hour of feeling very comfortable with one another I asked him why he wanted to see me....he replied he visited because he thought I wanted to see him! We realized we had been set up by a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds! After 2 years, we married and invited the students who helped arrange our first meeting.
There were 3 other couples who met and married in our school too.

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What a special honor for your students – I bet they were thrilled. 🙂
Yes, @Laura , they were! It made our wedding so special to have them there. And I was husband made a wonderful ,
patient, caring father.

Anyone else have a good story about how they met a close friend or spouse?

Years ago, before the internet became an every day item, someone happily told me they had met someone wonderful. I asked where did she meet this peeson and she replied, “On line.” I thought that was so interesting. Many times, I have started good conversations with people, waiting at a line in a store or going to a concert. Most embarrassiingly, I realized afterwards, she was talking about meeting someone through the internet, online! LOL!


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