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How did you learn about Coursera?

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Well, it all started when I found out that i am too dumb to get admission in a good college and learn what I want.

So, I started learning things on my own over the internet like YouTube & Khan_Academy etc. (tbh, I spent most of my time on NetFlix but at least I tried 😅) and i guess somewhere there on these platforms in the comments section, someone had mentioned about taking a course on "cancer biology" on Coursera from a well-known university. So, I jumped right in...

...Now, I have completed 2 courses about Cancer (without certificates 😂) and I am planning on taking a 3 part course on Immunology (I guess you can see where I am going, IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY 😁) after I take exams for my final semester, which is a total waste of time tbh.

Long story short, I can't put i in words that how thankful I am for platforms like Coursera. I hope I can also become a part of somethig just like this (checkout ths song, it's great 😉) and play my part in making this world a better place (which most of us don't deserve 😑 )
I knew about coursera from the Syrian Youth Assembly on Facebook....


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