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How Did You Choose Your Career?

  • 20 February 2019
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Some people always knew what they wanted to be when they “grew up”. Others never did, yet happened upon a wonderful career due to something. How did you choose your career?

7 replies

@Judith Hi, actually Judy my fine career chose me because I was out of work when I left school and I think my parents were fed up of me being around their feet lol. So one day my father , had been out for the night and met up with a friend of his whose sone was CEO of a disabled peoples coalition and when my father came in he said to me, "I've found you a job, so you don't need to be round our feet anymore ;-)" when I asked him extendedly what it was, he told me it was volunteering for his friends son 😉 My excitement soon passed but because I was bored I went the next day to the place I spent all my working life. From there after I had been there a couple of years volunteering while I was looking for a paid job, The person in charge my fathers friends son asked me if Id like to accept an office job, 'paid' I jumped at the chance. It was helping disabled people with their benefits etc. I worked in that little office of mine for eight more years and was told there'd be a new C.E.O. I thought oh oh that's refinished lol, but a chap I had become friendly with said, "why don't you try for the position if your really concerned, after all you got nothing to lose , so I went home thought about it and thought they'll never pick me, I haven't got the qualifications . So next day I went into my little office and later went for a coffee break. My friend was sat in the staff room all alone drinking his coffee so I wheeled over to his table and said, "I'm not going to apply I haven't got the qualifications" he retorted back and said you got one qualification for this job I haven't got" and he pointed to my wheelchair and continued , 'you got that chariot 😉 and its your legs that don't work , not your head lol (words I've use ed myself to people that think people in wheelchairs cant't think for themselves) So to cut a long story short, and more to shut him up really;-) I applied. About a week after there was a Board of Directors meeting and One of the directors was the CEO, The meeting finished and the CEO came up to me and said, 'I've got to go to a meeting next week before I leave in a month, so I hope you have a passport because I'm taking you with me because then you can see how to conduct a meeting when I leave and you take over as CEO'. I thought he was joking but he assured me that I'd hear in about a fortnight in writing officially asking me if I'd like the job of CEO. Well I thought he was still joking until I got on the plane to Chicago the following week and it took off. Then reality set in along with, 'am I going to be able to do this etc, etc. Well finishing before I end up writing my working life story, I'll end by saying I was there 30 years in the position before retiring and enjoyed every minute of it. Sure there were ups and downs but in the long run the ups outweighed the downs.
An amazing accomplishment, @Paul
Thanks Scotty. I sure was fortunate landing a position that I enjoyed , when I dreaded what I was in for when my father told me at first it was voluntary but now I have the greatest respect for all volunteer because without them nobody in a paid job would be able to manage 100%. That’s why I always made a point to give a volunteer working with me a paid job if he/she was unable to be chosen or the person interviewing the person wouldn’t take them on because of their impairment because as far as I’m concerned nobody can do nothing we all can do something no mater how meanial the job may seem.
@Paul , what a fantastic story! Volunteering is such an excellent way, without pressure, to learn about a career and see if you enjoy it. What happened to you is incredible, to start as a volunteer, go on to an office job and wind up running the whole place! It sounds like it was such a satisfying career. This is ankther example of how wise yoir father was. 😀
@Judith Thanks Judy,kind I didn’t run the place I just was taking the responsibility of the fact if others made mistakes 🙂 The other employees ran the place , because without a team the person in charge is nothing.
@Paul , which is exactly why you are an excellent leader!
Geat story @paul