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How are you redefining what's possible?

  • 10 September 2019
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How are you redefining what's possible?
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I love learning about how people like you are redefining what’s possible for themselves, their families, and their communities around the world. This back-to-school season, we’re celebrating the incredible ways that people learning on Coursera take a goal and turn it into a new reality.

Every day, people like you are redefining what’s possible. Here are just a few inspiring stories from your fellow learners.

What’s your story? What can you do now that you never thought was possible before?

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Hello @Laura,

What a great post and an elegant invitation to participate.

I can tell you that thanks to Coursera I have redefined myself in a certain way, my academic line, finding courses with current content, and of great quality.

Thanks to its enrollment modalities and the advantage of managing the times for your continuous training in learning, I have achieved several positive things that contribute both personal and professional.
I emphasize a lot the community, the dedication in how the courses are formed and that motivation of wanting to provide education to all parts of the world, is something that inspires and gives satisfaction to keep growing.

I am currently living a transition in the world of AI, something that at face level is nowhere in the region where can take a similar course and it is a great honor to learn from the best in a virtual way.

Personally I found a finding that I liked a lot, first I did the Neural Networks and Deep Learning course and now I am taking Machine Learning, which are amazing, and I realized that in the difference of dates in those two courses the step of being making models from Octave / matlab to Python, it's great, because you realize it can be taken as an update to new ways or searches to implement other components, it's my perspective and Im very amazed.

Being grateful to all the realized and current courses I've learned not only academic, but also to structure my schedule, to know be step by step, understanding that things take time and use this as advantage to don't affect the daily life or my commitments, keeping my educational progress and having many aims achieve.

It would be great if others in the community shared their words and told us if they felt redefined as they progressed in Coursera.