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Hold discussion event at online

  • 11 August 2019
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【Brief intro myself】
Hello , my name is Masayoshi Yamawaki.

I am working as strategic consultant in Japan at Cube&Company.

I also graduated Hokkaido university in Japan , but I have to learn more to improve myself to delivery value to client company as a consultant.

So I registered COURSERA to learn strategic thinking or any other thinking method.

【Event that I suggested】

I suggest the people , view this post , I want to held event.

【Goal of the event】 Improving your skill more .

【Detail of the event】 Introduce what you learned each other at Skype (any topics are OK)

I think the one of the best way of improve yourself is

"Telling other people who don't know about it"

So , if you interested this event , please reply this post
( Of course where you live and what age you are OK! language is English. )

(Unfortunately this event is first tree arrival only because this event is trial phase...)

This is my facebook and Linkedin URL( this is Japanese language sorry ..)

【Facebook】 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005347604356


3 replies

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Hi @Masayoshi Yamawaki. Is this an assignment for your course? I'm wondering if it should be shared in your course discussion forum.
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Thank you replying Laura !

No, this is not assignment.
If I have a discussion opportunity , I can learn a lot of things from others and improving my skill more.

So I want to the opportunity to discussion.

Masayoshi Yamawaki

Dear All,

I'm Thin Thin Nwe, from Myanmar.

I want to join discussion group and I would like to improve my English skill.