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HKUST FinTech Specialization Discussion

  • 15 May 2019
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This topic is for learners who enrolled HKUST FinTech Specialization and would like to discuss about the 4 courses and other topics in FinTech.

If you haven't complete the courses, please let us know and get help from your peers here!

For those who completed the courses, please share your experience and help your peers!

Thank you.

4 replies

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We arranged our first meetup online earlier this month in May! There are over 100 learners signup for the webinar. We have recorded the webinar, and separated them into 3 parts which is around 10 mins of each video.

Part 1 of the webinar is about Virtual Banking in Hong Kong and China by Prof Theodore CLARK.

Enroll FinTech specialization to learn more about Virtual Banking in other countries.

We will have more webinars and events coming up so if you would like to join as well, please fill in this google form! 😁

This coursera option is very helpful


this course is very good thank you


complete view of the businesses related to each type, separated into different sections, but with a clear explanations that the different types are interlinked into a bigger picture