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Hello or 'hey' from Texas

  • 9 September 2019
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I was recommended Coursera from a friend of mine at Google. I've been in the IT industry for over 20 years. My mother was put into home hospice, and my reality changed. My friend told me to stay sharp and run to Coursera courses sponsored by Google. I'm here. I'm excited, and for the first time in awhile I feel like I'm not missing out.

3 replies

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Cordial greetings,

We welcome you @swoopsta, it's great when friends recommend something, it's nice to know the support of others.

Wonderful to know that you have those years, you should have learned a lot and have diverse experiences in that field.

Impressive the fact of wanting to overcome you and keep moving forward despite the adversities, I understand you very well in the changes that occur in these family circumstances, I have a similar context, I am in the care of my mother and has made me distribute my time, with the fact to understand many things from different perspectives, I highlight most is that being in that situation has made me value a lot and the mother's love will always be, which gives me strength to continue with my goals.

So more than words is to encourage you to keep with that motivation and get the best of Coursera, due thanks to this environment, both for its content, and its community is very sensational.

To give you an introduction.
Within Coursera there are different courses and different fields, then it is good in this case to be curious and write the search engine, courses of your interest and so others appear as related.
As you are interested in Google courses, you can search as Google, and will appear the catalog of all its courses.
There are several access modes, auditing, which is to view the content of the course at no cost, or courses categorized as free, in which you can access assignments and activities.

To enroll and obtain a certificate you should pay the cost of the course or monthly, as you feel the most feasible.
There is also the modality of financial aid.

Each course has its respective forum divided by weeks, that is, depending on the duration in weeks of the course, so will be the number of forums.
In them, the relationship between learners and mentors is seen, serving as support for doubts or concerns within the course, as well as wanting to interact with those enrolled to foster an environment of socialization and learning together or creating teams.

At the end of each course you would obtain the certificate within your profile and it will be a great achievement, which in my opinion, fills me with satisfaction when I consider them as goals in my continuous training process.

I hope you have a wonderful stay, it would be excellent if you introduced yourself, will tell us some of your experiences that you consider can contribute to those who are starting in the IT industry, and tell us your expectations or in addition to the Google courses. what another field has called you attention.

Regards from a distance.
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Thank you so much for your kind words of inspiration. I was able to get through the exam in 2-3 days! I'm so proud of myself. Meanwhile I'm taking my Amazon Web Services Practitioner exam in a few days. Even though it's been an uphill battle finding a job to work remotely I haven't given up hope. Hopefully I'll find work soon to be able to take even more classes as my passion for learning has grown exponentially. I appreciate the opportunity Google & Coursera gave me to get my certificate for free. I also appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule. They say old dogs can't learn new tricks. I have an AWS EC2 using a LEMP stack to run my website at www.adamayala.com. Thank you again.

Adam Ayala
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What coincidences of life Adam, the same last name, I hope you have a pleasant experience as much as I have on this nice platform.

It's never too late to learn @swoopsta, I wanted to try to enter in your page and it tells me that it redirects many times, maybe you can check it so we can see the content to you want share with us.

The age isn't an obstacle, I remember you that Master Colonel Sanders found KFC at advance age, so don't stop to trying.