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Hello fellow learners !!!

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I have been taking classes on coursera for a long time and I have always ended up asking one questions at the end of the course -- what next ? I always wondered how can I put the stuff I learned into real use . It does not have to be super big but something tangible. I still do not know the answer to this question and have not really used the stuff I learned in my profession life. I might be an exception because I do not mind just learning part of it. I just enjoy taking classes but it would be really nice If I get to use these skills as well.

So I started this website -- moocfirst.com . It is my effort to have my life long leaner friends to come together and share their achievements. I would really appreciate if all experts and fellow leaners here can suggest me what service I can provide on this platform .

Please feel free to suggest any feature you like and we can brainstorm on it via email etc.


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@ashish , Learning can be subtle. We file things away and use them as we need them. You don’t always have to have an immediate practical use for what you have learned, but the knowledge you acquired will be useful one day. You might be using what you learned now and not even realizing it too. What courses have you taken?
Some courses lend themsleves more to practical uses than others. The education courses I have mentored all have practical uses. The object is to take what you learned right back to your classroom or school. The assignments all revolve around doing something, such as creating a routine or making effective phone calls to parents, or how to evaluate a lesson one thing at a time, etc. The whole goal of these courses was to better your profession. Perhaps you need to think about what the goals were for the courses you have taken and then see if upon achieving this goal, you found practical applications.
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Hi Ashish nice to know about your effort and it is always a good idea to see and learn how people grow.


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