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  • 10 September 2019
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Я просто хочу сказать всем привет!! Я так рада быть здесь! Давайте познакомимся! Я изучаю финансы в университете, здесь я беру курс по цифровому, Здравствуйте из России

2 replies

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Hello @Anastasiya,
I use the translator to read your message, I'm glad that you express those words and that you are happy to be here within Coursera and also the Community.
What if you introduce yourself and tell us your academic background and how courses are you taken on this wonderful platform or which has caught the attention?, would be nice share your experience.

I send you my best regards and if you like you can answer in your Native Language or in English, the predetermined Language of this place open to everyone, socializing and wanting the multicultural participation.

Cheers from Colombia!
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@Anastasiya Welcome. Glad you're here!