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Have You Visited the Subject Forums in this Community?

  • 21 September 2019
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There are some subject specific forums here people may not know about!
If you press the down pointing arrow on “menu” (located on the top left of your screen) a dropdown will show you many interesting things. Keep scrolling or moving down until you see “Subject Discussions “.
There are 8 listed now, but more will be planned in the future.

Let’s explore one so you can see how easy it is to participate in a subject you like:
Press “Music” which is listed towards the bottom of the list.
You will be taken to a “Music Forum” where all the threads and subjects relate to music!
A few examples are:
What type of music do you prefer to listen to?
Have you ever written a song?
Do you play an instrument?
When do you listen to music?
Composers of the future?
African Music
Indian Music
Online Music Courses
Different Music Venues
Music news

Robin, just posted a fabulous music video in the “Welcome “ thread featuring musicians from all over the world
performing “Listen to the Music”. See if you can find it!

Hopefully, you will be able to find these subject area forums and enjoy posting and discussions with others who share the same interests. You might also want to start a thread of your own there too. This is a wonderful way to meet people who share your interests.

8 replies

Still waiting for the experts, profs, we were promised fro subject forums on this platform @Judith 😰
@Lochcarron , as we both know so well, building a community takes time.
I can’t help but wonder if the way to attract more expert people in the field is to build more interesting and complex subject forums. We were all hoping that by having specific subject forums, people whose field they were in would join. It still might happen.
In the movie, “Field of Dreams” they said, “Build it and they will come”. This is one way to look at this, if we can build it, they will come!

Meanwhile, there are some competent people with much experience who have been joining in the subject forums. In the music forum I have met composers, teachers, music appreciators, people who have taken online courses in the subject, people who are expert in their particular style of music and yes, an Instructor too. I am encouraged that by building subject forums we will eventually attract more and more experts as well.
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I absolutely agree with you @Judith .
The approach should build it and let the community grow. It can not happen overnight. I read posts in the music discussion forum because I love listening to music and understand what music is for different people across the Globe. In comparison to posts shared, I don't have anything to contribute (I only have my preferences for say, Sufi music or something that is different than routine, something that touches some chord in me when I first listen to it). A forum with just experts or discussion around it only will definitely make me unfollow the forum but a forum with a healthy mix will encourage me to participate.
Hi all!
How are you doing on finding the subject forums?
What are you finding in which forum that is an interesting discussion?
Let us know if you have any difficulty navigating, we are happy to help.
@Namrata Tejwani , as always, it is so good to have your support. I am hopeful we will continue to grow and attract many interested people. It has been exciting to watch the numbers grow to the thousands here.

I appreciate knowing that you have been reading posts in the music forum. It would be wonderful if one day you can share an example of music that you enjoy. I have appreciated listening to the many examples of music people have shared.

@Halla , it is so good to know we can find subject discussions here in addition to reading about the problems people have been having. Knowing how to visit these forums brings new potential to enjoyment and knowledge.
I have especially liked reading about and listening to all the musical examples people in the music forums have been sharing. It was really interesting to read about both African and Indian music in these areas too.
Which discussions have interested you?
@Judith It is, and the list of subject forums is growing. We have a new one, the AI community. There is certainly something for everyone here.
@Namrata Tejwani I agree with Judith, it would be great if you were to post some of the music you listen to. What you consider ordinary and not worth mentioning may just be something that the rest of have never heard and will fall in love with if we do hear it.
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Sure@Halla. For me, these songs are gr8 to uplift my mood or take me into reflection about life or remind me of something or simply provide a solid base when I am on my own, lost in some work. I understand they might appear very ordinary to many, often within my family/friends also people wonder why I like a particular song so much? But music is really a personal experience which we can avail only after getting exposure (thru such posts, by knowing what others are listening in day to day life, just chance hearing on radio or some app while looking for a particula song). India has rich Bollywood music as well, I like that kind of music also.
I will share my choices, need to find links.
Awesome! Thank you.