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Grow your self for future

  • 27 June 2020
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Hi, I just joined the community and I want to share an important message here. This message is for the students no matter what the education level they have and also for those who are not a student. At this time, we are all suffering from the virus due to which we are unable to attend the universities, lost hope for a better future and get fired from the job, etc. One thing we have to consider is that we have a short time of life and we have to enjoy this time as much as possible. Stop the arguments of people and society which are hurdles in your career. Be honest with your life. There are a lot of courses available on Coursera from which you can polish your skills for your career. Earn the certificate and publish them on your Linkedin profile. Find the people of your interest and get connected with them. Either start to make your own company or get a dream job. Love yourself, your work, and spread good knowledge to your community.

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