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  • 7 January 2019
  • 2 replies

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Hey my name is Martell,
Ive just signed up for the Graphics Design class.
Just getting back into the education of life, haven't been in school since 2005 so i will appreciate all the feed back i can get.

2 replies

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Hi @martell webster. There are lots of people in the Coursera community who have returned to education after some time away. You're in good company! If you have any specific concerns about 'going back to school,' let us know here!
Hi @martell webster That is a fun course and a fun specialization, I have taken all but the Capstone course in that sequence. I hope you enjoy it.
My best tip for doing both returning to education and doing an online course is to make sure you schedule plenty of time into your schedule to do class and homework. What works best for me is to just set a specific time about three or more times a week to specifically do class and the attend at those times just like if I was attending a scheduled, in person class. It helps keep me on track
Also look over the syllabus to see what is due when and make at least a guesstimate of how much time you will need to allow and when you plan to do those assignments.
I hope these tips help.


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