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Get English Teachers Connected!

  • 2 September 2019
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Hello my fellow friends!

The only reason I made this post is just to adhere to the belief of having two minds on the deck would conducive to a better result than one! I guess you got what I mean, right?!
I enrolled the Teach English Now! course and I finished it successfully but I feel there is one thing lost amid! after all that peer reviews, we learned to give positive and productive feedbacks to friends to make learning process both easier and collaborative. So if we found it helpful, why not stay in touch and assist one another even though the course has been finished. I made a Telegram group so all the teachers who already enrolled this course can join and benefit this opportunity of collaborating and exchanging ideas with their fellow teachers. Since this group is specialized for those who enrolled the course, and off course to avoid spammers, sharing a link of certificate would be a way of confirming that.
Long story short! If you like to join, you are more than welcome to click the link below and join us! Looking forward to see you all and learn from you.😊
Teach English Now Fan Group

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