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"Food is the ingredient that binds us together"

Who doesn't want to have a little bite of their favourite food.

So.. If you can only eat one food item for the rest of your life what will it be?

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Hi @yashika_d. Your very interesting question has awakened the funny clash between the junk food temptation and my common sense.😀One is urging me to select mouth-watering sorts of unhealthy fast food meals while the other is reasoning why I should pick a healthier dish for the rest of my life… OK, the battle seems to be over!

I would make a special dish containing all sorts of essential nutrients. That would be something along the lines of roasted lamb chops and/or juicy roasted chicken. It would be accompanied by a big bowl of healthy salad. The dressing would include nuts and seeds, too.
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Hi @yashika_d , it’s lovely to see you here too. Welcome back! Yes, as @Maryam expressed it so eloquently, you got me thinking deep indeed! 🙂 I’m thinking chips but that would be wrong, wrong, wrong! 😉 I must get back to the drawing board... 🙂
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@Maryam You are very clever. Not many people will think to opt for a healthy diet including me.😅
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@Denise Lovely to see you too. 😀
I agree with @Maryam , to create the healthiest food I can since I will be living with this always. But Maryam, you created 2 foods, salad as well as a main dish. : ) I would either create a soup containing all the nutrients needed, or a sald that would include a protein such as a chicken in it. Now it you asked me what my favorite junk food was, that would be so much easier...or would it? I think I like lots of junk foods. : )
Yes, @Judith, it looks like I have written a mini menu for myself. I should put in a dessert, too. LOL! Your main-course salad is great. Bon appétit!
So what kind of healthy dessert would you choose, @Maryam ?
That could be challenging for me...I do love all those sweets, homemade pies and ice cream.
I might choose ginger pears,basically baked pears in orange juice with ginger, no added sugars, and the ginger is good to help your stomach in case you ate too much. 😃
Your dessert sounds wonderful, @Judith. I would need the ginger. LOL!

It is indeed challenging to decide on a dessert. To add dairy products to my list, I would make yogurt panna cotta and decorate it with strawberry.

This is a simple example for those who are interested to know more about it.
@Maryam , this looks delicious! Thank you so much for sending the descriptive video. I might actually try this!
I am so sorry you can’t get fresh ginger. We always seem to have some in our supermarkets. You have to peel the skin off then scrape it, but it has such a fabulous flavor. You will just have to visit me one day to try my ginger pears! (That would be so lovely!) 😃


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