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Finding a career you are passionate about

  • 26 September 2019
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This site may be a place to ask if anyone would like to share how they found their career that they love. If your career is your passion, how did you go about finding it? I would appreciate any feedback anyone can give me.

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Well, let me put it this way. You know that you have found your career or your passion when you see someone else do it and then you realize that what that person is doing relates to what you want to do. When I was 8 years old, I watched David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, and Carson Daly host late night talk shows, and I've always wondered if I could host something on TV, but it wasn't until I saw them that I began to be really interested in hosting late night talk shows, and then when I started Johnny Carson, Arsenio Hall, Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Tom Snyder, Craig Ferguson, and all of the other late night talk show hosts, I realized that that is what I've wanted to do because I can come up with jokes that are best suited for the late night crowds, and I can't stop learning. Then, I found out that I could do that for a living and for fun, and that's how come I have been doing my own YouTube show for over 10 years now. Yes, I have made major mistakes in my life, and yes, I have to finish my education on Coursera and on LinkedIn Learning, but I'm still passionate about what I want to do. So, find what you're passionate about, find out how other people are doing it, and then go on from there.
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For me I found the career I love simply through stumbling from role to role, each time trying to think about what I enjoyed and which skills I had. I'd try something out, learn what I liked or didn't like, and then try something I hoped would be a better fit. Eventually I got lucky.

How did I know I'd found it? If I imagined suddenly getting enough money that I didn't need to work anymore, I knew that I still wouldn't quit - I wanted to keep doing my work.

One thing I will say, I think depends somewhat on your personality type, but the day-to-day work you do may not be the only thing that's important to how you feel about your job. It may not even be the most important factor in how you feel about your job. Other things like how much autonomy you have, how much influence, how large a team you work with etc. may be of equal or greater importance for your dream career.

Like Clare, I worked through each job in my early years gaining what i needed, looking for more challengers and higher pay. Then Life style came into play so more time off work was important.

I finally found and Industry that gives me all that i wanted and driven by and passionate about.It also allows me lots of time to follow my other passions. 

Getting to that place takes hard work and dedication. As AC/DC says It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

 Elie was so lucky finding focus early and like me sounds if there are no regrets in the path we have both taken. Passion is drive, focus and heart as i have meet many talented people who lack one of these  ‘’If Only Life's’’

If you cannot put your finger on what is your passion, then start in a field you like and build from there. Doors open, contacts are made and your life changes as you go. 

At 52 I want to move into Project Management as Ive been in offshore construction for 25 years. Now i want to use this passion for the Ocean to move into management and ensure it is looked after.