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Find people who are in your location or speak your language

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Would you like to meet learners who live in your location or speak your language?

Here are the location-based networking threads we have so far. Feel free to start your own if your location or language isn't listed!

Coursera Russian Community

Coursera India Community

Indonesia Online Learning Community

Volunteer Study Group Based in Egypt

Coursera Sydney Community

Coursera Learners in Denmark

Coursera Chinese Community

Coursera Spanish-speaking Community

And here are some threads about translating specific languages:

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Well, now you have someone from China!
I am Yi Ming and am sooo happy and curious to know about Israel, culture, education, innovation, belief...... everything about this great country!
Hope to visit the country this April and May🤗
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I am LC from the Chinese community of GTC. I create the networking thread of Chinese community here.
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Thanks, @Delia Song! I've added a link to your networking thread in my post.


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