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I am currently enrolled in Python for everybody. I have completed 1st specialization on subscription. Now I want to apply for financial aid but the option doesn't show on home screen nor in specialization. What should I do? I am an international student in USA who doesn't have lot money. Please help.

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@Rushiraj Savalia , did you check the “Help Center” ? They have specific articles about financial aid. Yiu can also chat with a representative who will help you too. Just go to the main page where you will easily be able to connect with them.
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Hey @Judith thanks for reply. Can you tell me where can I connect with representative? I can't seem to find it in Help Center.
@Rushiraj Savalia , go to thecommunity home page. You will find this in the drop down menu here. You will see a large squarebyhat reads, “help center” that and it takes you to the Help Center. You must log in next. This is a a button found on the top right. All you need to do is press that and it will recognize you and log you in. You should now see a few topics. Find the one about financial help.Read through these to first see if any answer your issues. Then look for a bright blue button that says “live chat “. This is how you can reach a real live person. You will “chat” via written word. Let us know if this worked.


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