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Do You Find the Color of the Print Here Too Faint?

I am not sure if this is just my older age showing or the print here s really very light. The bold print is fine, but everything else seems so faint to me. Do you also find this? It seems fainter on my desktop than my ipad. How have you found this?

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@Judith I, too, find it to faint to read comfortably for long. @Laura is it possible that this could be fixed to make it darker and more readable?
I enjoy the gentleness of it 😁
Thank you, @Halla . I thought I might be the only one who felt this way. Perhaps it's my age? @Lochcarron must be younger with better eyesight!🙂
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@Judith @Halla Thanks for asking about this.

@Claire and I are looking into whether this can be adjusted.

In the meantime, I recommend using your browser's zoom function to increase the size of the text for improved readability.

(Edited to address link issue – thanks @Halla)
@Laura thank you for the link, but when I click on it it says "you are not authorized to access this page"
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@Judith @Halla I'm happy to report that the font style has been updated! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Happy reading.
On behalf of us all, thank you, @Laura !πŸ˜€
Awesome! Thank you!


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