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Do you enjoy seasons or would you rather love where it is always the same temperature?

It’s finally spring here, but I often wonder if it was worth the freezing cold winter to get here. Do you like seasons or do you prefer a constant temperature?

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Hi Judy, hope your keeping well and enjoying the holiday. They reckon the temperature here on Easter Monday, is going to be higher than Spain . But back to your question;
myself for reasons of living I a places where it sometimes (but not too of thank goodness, would sooner live in a place where its constantly dry.But there again its for selfish reasons. The reason is, it would really disable me 😉
Hi@Paul So good to hear from you! I hope you are feeling well and enjoying life.
I thought you lived in a humid climate being close to the sea.
I live in a valley which is wonderful for plants and allergies!
Do you have varieties of seasons that drastically change like we do? Last month I was still slipping on ice, now everything is muddy with hints of green and those occasional brave flowers like the crocuses who briefly pop up.
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I'm happiest living in a warm or hot climate year-round – basically a year-round summer is my ideal environment. Bring on the sun! ☀
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Our weather has just started to cool down after a record-breaking hot summer. It's lovely to be able to snuggle under the blankets rather than being too hot even under a sheet at night. Autumn (Fall) is often a very short season. We don't have snow where I live, although sometimes there will be a morning frost in winter. My favourite season is spring, with warm sunny days. Sadly, those days turn roasting hot all too quickly as summer rolls in again.

Maybe the same temperature all year round would become boring. What could we whinge about, if not the weather?
@Pat B your last remark about us complaining about the weather is so true! We spend so much time thinking about it here where we have very strong and plentiful seasons. In the winter, before it is said to snow, the supermarkets are as busy as department stores before Christmas. Everyone talks about the potential storm. When I taught in school, all the students and teachers would fantasize about the next day being a “snow” day and there would be no school. It would be difficult to concentrate on schoolwork.
Many years ago, on the first most beautiful spring day, after an especially cold winter, my high school son left me a note that he was riding his bike and would be late for dinner. I thought how lovely. The next day his school called me to tell me he had skipped class. When I confronted him about it he smiled and said he had been sitting in a boring class, looking out of the window, hearing birds, smelling the warm fresh new flower perfume. There was only one first most beautiful day of spring, so he walked out to enjoy it, knowing he would have a detention the next day...but it was worth it! These kinds of feelings just don’t happen if you always live where the climate is the same. What do you think? And by the way, my son is a successful several degreed college graduate and I never punished him for this! 😀
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My ideal climate would be one with spring and autumn with not too much rain, a summer that's never too hot, and a snowy winter that lasts about 2 weeks! I'm not sure that climate exists but I love living where I do in San Francisco because we barely get seasons so we avoid the downsides of being too hot or too cold, getting snowed in etc. but if we want to experience a proper summer or winter we just need to drive a few hours away.
San Francisco does seem to have a good compromise of weathers.People love living there!
I was always afraid of the San Andreas Fault when many friends moved there in the 60’s.
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I love all the seasons because I love change, the only constant thing in our life. Looking forward to one season giving way to next takes dullness away.
Coming from deserts of Rajasthan, we saw extremely hot summers with frequent power trips and scarcity of water, making it almost unbearable. Winters were better comparatively. Rainfall was a luxury, as it was very scanty.
Then I moved to Mumbai, where rainfall was aplenty. I used to look for reasons to venture out in the rain and get wet. But here winters are non-existence. Being near the sea, the climate is hot and humid.
To enjoy winters we started to tour places that are freezing cold during months when back home it is the sultry hot climate. Basically I try to make up for what is missing by travelling.
Wise words, @Namrata Tejwani . Change is what is constant yet we often resist it preferring things to be the same. You seem to have worked out a life where you can continue to appreciate seasons, through travel.
Thinking more about the seasons, thanks to everyone ‘s wonderful, informative posts here, I have decided that what I like best about the seasons is watching them happen. Once they are already established, I seem to forget, but at first, there is much excitement and wonder. I was just outside and took this photo, just to show how the leaves on trees are beginning to unfold.

That new bright green color against the bluest of skies makes it so colorful after such a long black and white winter. I enjoy watching how when the sap runs through the trees, before they even bloom, they come alive, their branches seem fuller and pulsing with life.
But a field filled with summer flowers or the first bright red leaves on the trees or that first snowfall, are all equally as exciting.
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Lovely pic @Judith and you summarised it beautifully. The setting of the season is more exciting, thereafter like with everything else we get used to it and take it for granted. Every change brings it to our notice that we are part of something larger than us, the awe makes us grateful. Thanks for starting such topics.
Thanks for always bringing your wise thoughts to us here , @Namrata Tejwani .


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