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Discrimination for worldwide linguistics

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Hello dear linguistics,

As well as I am a translator for Coursera, sometimes, when I have some free time, I also take some courses. In this ocassion, when I received an ad from "Michigan’s Online MPH: Scholarship Funding Still Available Through May 15", it made me feel really upset and dissapointed.

In this particular case, I have been dedicated to only translate medical field courses because that is my specialization area, and I am also an ATA member as well as an IAPTI member.

All of us worldwide linguistics that spend our time to volunteer, we have been doing it from the heart, for free, and we have accepted it like that.

What I do NOT accept, what I do NOT like and it should be UNACCEPTABLE is that Coursera offers education as the one I previously mentioned (this is the link:https://www.coursera.org/degrees/mph-umich?utm_medium=email&utm_source=marketing&utm_campaign=D-xHQHEMEem5a3PcVrpGrg) where ONLY will be accepted American students.

I always considered Coursera as a mean for education to reach a lot of people, that for some reasons, they cannot attend personally. But that global linguistics work for free for this platform and only "some" can benefit from this is totally condemnable.

I consider that the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH should immediately correct this discrimination issue and make available for all the linguistics the free courses that they are offering.

I am writing here because I do not know to who exactly I should address this, but I am willing to know your opinion as well as COURSERA'S answer and apologize.

Finally, I have been considering that if COURSERA does not change its DISCRIMINATION and make it available for all foreigner linguistics, I will take the unfortunately decision to withdraw from tis team. I make a lot of effort for all only for a few that can get the benefits. THAT IS NOT FAIR!

I am looking forward hearing back from all of you.

Kind Regards,


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@mandere , I just read the link about this course and they say their intention is to open it up to non US citizens soon. They are just starting this program and wanted to start small, with a pilot group, is how I read this.
You should be proud of all the volunteer work you do for so many people. I hope you continue to help others. Thank you.
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Dear Judith,

Thank you very much for your time and interest. Yes, indeed, the link gives you "more" than what the original email states. This is the email that I received as a student and I highlighted in red the part that I do not accept.



I hope you understand that this is not meant to be discriminatory. Before jumping to such conclusions it is always best to check further. You sent us this link which explains it, so it seems like you did the correct thing to check further into the reasons. It’s like people who beta test. It’s just a small number of people to see how successful a course is before releasing it to large numbers. The intention is for this to be available to the world.
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Hello @mandere,

Thank you for raising this concern. I can see how it would have been frustrating to receive an email about our Master of Public Health in Population and Health Science if you don’t live in the US when we’re currently only accepting US-based students into the degree.

We are committed to providing this degree to students outside of the US as soon as possible. The Master of Public Health degree requires an applied public health practice experience. We are still building a global network of vetted partners to support students who are not in the US in meeting this requirement. We hope to be able to open applications to students in other countries in the near future.

Thanks for all your dedication to translating courses to help make them accessible to learners around the world!