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Cultural Connection Week 2019 - United States and Brazil

  • 30 April 2019
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Hello everyone! I am really happy to be part of Cultural Connection Week for the first time! I am a Brazilian journalist now based in Miami. I used to live in Sao Paulo and at the moment I am spending some time at the sunshine state.
Travel, get in touch wiht new cultures was always a passion for me. During almost 7 years I worked with a project that invites journalists from all over the world to experience Brazil and brazilian fashion and culture. Now i am spending some time to study a new culture and also traveling to new places, cities and countries.

2 replies

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@Simone Bernardes Cheers, it's good to see that you are happy with your first week of Cultural Connection, its really impressive your life experience and how amazing you describe us.
Once I had an opportunity to go to an activity carried out by an exchange organization, where, i met a group of young people, I remember, there were two from Mexico, one from Argentina, three from the Dominican Republic, we three representatives from the region and There were six from Brazil, and i tell you there was a harmony, the place had tables for each one respectively and there they showed things of their country. You know in Brazil, it showed certain sweets, a bottle of own liquor and a typical food of that country, for me, I felt that they were the most attention, they liked to live in the moment and were very smiling, what pleased the environment and i had a great time 🙂.

What if you tell us about that, and it would be even great, if you has take a pic with your cell phone or get it by the network attaching the image and the link, then we share a little more of your culture and you show us what you like or feel, that could be eye-catching to describe and give us your opinion.

@Simone Bernardes Have you found fashion to be very different in Florida as in Brazil? If so, please tell us. For example, here, the young generation likes to wear jeans that are purposely ripped in places. Would the teens in Brazil wear that too? Thanks.