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Covid-19, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac Problems,Obesity.Prevention and treatment by Body Engineering and Diet

  • 21 November 2020
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When I was a kid, aged about 10 years, I used to buy drugs for my father on a regular basis. And the drug was for Diabetic, sometimes my father used to take insulin in his stomach before lunch .It was very painful. I was very much puzzled to see all these pathetic scenes. I used to discuss with my father and our family doctors about it. And the final answer I got, Diabetic is not curable; My father has to bear all these pains lifelong.

Like every son, my father was my Hero, and it stormed me for years as My father has something very serious disease which is incurable.

Latter at 22 I joined Pharma industry , Here I got golden opportunity to learn about medicines, deceases, drug pharmacopeia, How the drugs work on body, their side effects, research works worldwide going on various disease.Most of the research attracts me based on Diabetes and Cardiac problems as from my very childhood I came across to these diseases through my father. During my 13 years of career in pharma  industries, I got an opportunity to meet more than 5000 different doctors and learned many things from them. I could understand the limitations of the Medical field despite their sincere efforts.

From the Pharma Industry I switched over to the Medical equipment field and got opportunities to work with mostly top world class companies  who are pioneers in their field. I came across almost all important equipment, like CT, MRI, Cathlab, Color Dopler, Dialysis machines, ICU Equipments, Bedside monitors, pathology test machines of world class. I could understand the basic engineering of these equipment and how these equipment are very much helpful in treating critical diseases.

I merged my all pharma experience to these diagnostic fields and could see the critical diseases more clearly.

In between I suffered angina pain in 2004, followed by diabetes. In 2009 got an operation of my pancreas as one stone was there and the gallbladder was removed because of enormous stones of big sizes. My  diabetic problem further worsened and was told to take certain precautions with lifestyle changes. I was on medication for diabetes from 2009 onwards 2017.

Nov. 2017, I suffered a cardiac arrest, hospitalized for one day and on the second day I forcefully left the hospital as they were adamant for Angiography and if required they will put a stent or as per their requirement even open heart surgery.

After some time Dec.17 I went to Delhi to meet a renowned Dr. of Cardiac who treats the patient without surgery and reverse process. He was very kind to me and explained his way of treatment which attracts me more. I did cardiac angiography which confirms the blockade more perfectly, one is 100 %, another 90% and the third lobe is 80%+. Dr, said it is very very critical and has to go for  at least 45 days Natural Bypass Therapy, Zero Oil Concept (LIFE LONG), Biochemical Angioplasty immediately.

I requested him to prescribe some medicines and allow me some time to come back to him.

He gave me great relief and prescribed almost 7 medicines to take lifelong.

I continued with the medicines for almost 4 months. In between I started to learn more and more about the reverse process of treatment and herbs, Indian spices .

During my 32 years of journey in the medical field, I developed a hobby to read more and more new research works on diseases and its treatment specially for diabetes and cardiac problems.

I could see, there are three major groups in the medical field. 1. Who believes in Modern way of treatment with allopathic medicines, well equipped hospitals, great nursing etc. Another group who also believes in Herbs and lifestyle and control on food habits. And a very small section believes, The Reverse process with certain exercises, Yoga etc.

Now the big questions came in my mind, all claims  that  they are best, but every year we see an increase in Diabetic patients and cardiac patients.

Now I started doing practical on my own body by all these three groups phase wise, in fact I made my own body a complete laboratory and the result came with a great success which is unbelievable.


Though I was knowing the effects of lifestyle and actions of herbs and Indian spices, yoga, but never implemented earlier. Only from January 2018, along with allopathic medicines I started making my own home made herbal tonic for my use, some cardio exercise to open up more collaterals of my heart for smooth blood supply to my heart and could feel the result positive. After April 2018, I stopped all medicines and added some more things to my lifestyle with homemade herbal food supplements and could see a magical change in my whole body. As on today my all basic parameters came to normal, Blood sugar is 100% normal, my body has changed like anything, from 82 kg to 74 kg as on today, feeling enormous energy, no angina pain which were very frequent till April 2018, slowly decreases and as on today no angina pain.

My all treatment plan is based on my 32 years reach experience of Medical field and some developed body engineering, own designed lifestyle, mood control process and many more things which  all help to regain your good health.

That is how I designed HEALTHGUARD PLUS to give benefits to the whole world..DIABETES IS CURABLE…

In this process our whole body gets detoxed, bringing our body from acidic media to actual alkaline media with balancing act. On using the Health Guard Plus (A Compositions of Natural Herbs and Spices….everything changes in our body. My gastric problems to anti aging, hair fall, joint pain, Prostate problems, Kidney problem, skin problem, body shape, eye , nails, hearing capacity, everything is cured. Health Guard plus improves our immune power drastically and our metabolic process gets on the target. All organs of our body get benefitted, This is the bare fact and our target to provide these benefits to all who need them. Above all Health guard plus is great anti aging  food .


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