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Hey Everyone,


I would like to share and wants to know from your side about the courses that you have done. I have done more than 250 courses and 30+ specializations. comment down the number of courses you have done and specialization.


you can also ping me on linkedin at


You can also check my international badges on credly platform at



stay safe. I will wait for your answers,

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Hi @officialkrunalkumar

Your achievement is amazing!

I joined Coursera last year around June.

The courses I completed are:

  1. Material Science 10 Things Every Engineer Should Know
  2. Mechanics of Materials III
  3. Introduction to Engineering Mechanics
  4. Mechanics of Materials IV
  5. Mechanics of Materials II
  6. Applications in Engineering Mechanics
  7. Mechanics of Materials I
  8. BIM Fundamentals for Engineers
  9. Memoir and Personal Essay: Managing Your Relationship with the Reader
  10. Engineering Systems in Motion Dynamics of Particles and Bodies in 2D Motion
  11. First Step Korean
  12. Introduction to Programming with MATLAB
  13. Visual and Literary Culture in Nineteenth Century Japan
  14. Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life
  15. SQL for Data Science 
  16. Learning How to Learn
  17. Mindshift
  18. Mind Control
  19. Responsive Website Basics: Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  20. Introduction to HTML5
  21. Introduction to Machine Learning

The Specializations I completed/about to complete are:

  1. Developing Your Musicianship (3 out of 4 completed)
  2. Everyday Excel (2 out of 3 completed)
  3. Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving (4 out of 4 completed)
  4. Improve Your English Communication Skills (5 out of 5 completed)

The Guided Projects I completed are:

  1. Getting Started in GIMP
  2. Easing the Transition to GIMP for Photoshop
  3. Product Design: Designing a modern table lamp using SketchUp
  4. Build a Professional Resume Using Canva
  5. Getting Started with Adobe Spark
  6. Create and E-book Cover Using Canva
  7. Develop a Company Website with Wix
  8. Brand Marketing and SEO Tools Using Wix
  9. Create a Business Marketing Brand Kit Using Canva
  10. Create and Design Digital Products using Canva
  11. Use Canva to Create Desktop and Mobile-friendly Web Pages
  12. Use Canva to Create Social Media Visuals for Business
  13. Design a Client Welcome Kit using Canva
  14. Design Online Course Printables using Canva
  15. Using Video in Social Media Posts with Canva
  16. Use Canva to Create an Interactive Mind Map
  17. Use Canva to Design Digital Course Collateral
  18. Introduction to Basic Game Development using Scratch
  19. Basic Game Development with Levels using Scratch
  20. Compose and Program Music in Python using Earsketch
  21. Create Infographics using Piktochart
  22. Marketing Design with Easil
  23. Create Engaging Presentations with Easelly
  24. Build a Full Website using WordPress
  25. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Squarespace
  26. Create Training Videos with Powtoon
  27. Building Smart Business Assistants with IBM
  28. Use SurveyMonkey to Create a Survey and Analyze
  29. Introduction to PicsArt for Social Media Marketing
  30. Creating Interactive Learning Videos with
  31. Flush Out a Feature on Coursera in Miro
  32. Setting Up a Digital Library with EPIC
  33. Create an Email Autoresponder Using Mailchimp
  34. Optimizing Your Website's Keywords & Pages using
  35. Create an Employee Feedback Survey with TypeForm

I am a Community Guided Project Creator here, and I created one Guided Project. Anyone interested may check it out:

  1. Problem Solving Using Microsoft Excel

I also recently started out as a Beta Tester, and have received a certificate:

  1. Computer Vision in Microsoft Azure

Some more non-certificate courses I completed:

  1. Buddhism and Modern Psychology
  2. Coursera Master Class: The Art and Science of Teaching Online
  3. Online Community Leadership
  4. Coursera Beta Tester Community

Some more non-certificate Guided Projects (Community Guided Projects) I completed:

  1. Creating Custom Vector Graphic Design Using VECTR : Part I
  2. Get organized with Trello Boards

Courses in progress:

  1. Asian Environmental Humanities: Landscapes in Transition
  2. Developing Your Musicianship: Final Project
  3. Feminism: From Origins to Evolution Teach-Out
  4. Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review

Guided Projects in progress:

  1. How to make your first neural network playground Part 1
  2. Company Reports: Understanding Form 10-K

I hope to learn a lot more when I get time.

It would be very helpful if you could tell how you got so many Credly badges from Coursera. I have one Credly badge for authoring a Community Guided Project.


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@Archisha Bhar I saw that none of the courses you have done so far contains the badge. when you do the course that includes the badge, then you will be eligible for the same.


I would love to know how did you become beta tester and how did you started the community guided project. I have many ideas and things. I would love to become the instructor like you on coursera.



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Thanks, @officialkrunalkumar.

Sorry to hear that none of them are eligible for badges.

You can visit the Beta Testers Forum and fill out the application to become a Beta Tester. They will let you know if they select you.

The invitation for creating a Community Guided Project was posted for a couple to months in the Community. Unfortunately, they will not continue with the initiative any more, so you cannot opt for it any more. 

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@Archisha Bhar can you share the link of that beta tester forum?


and I am interested to know why coursera stopped that project or course creation?

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This is the link: Join the Coursera Beta Tester Community | Coursera Community

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@Archisha Bhar I filled the form.


I don’t know what coursera is doing. sometimes it does great job and sometimes, just worst.


I can understand that there must be some reason, but what’s the reason?


and did they sent an email that hey archisha now you can teach online on coursera.? something like that?

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@officialkrunalkumar, we all do that, don’t we? Sometimes doing good and sometimes bad. :slight_smile:

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@Archisha Bhar agree. but it should improve.

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I’m sure they are, @officialkrunalkumar.

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let’s hope for the best @Archisha Bhar 


coursera still needs lots of improvements mostly in terms of academic conducts. [removed by moderator]!!


I have seen many who did copy that and got the certificate. I am confused, why people is after certificate instead of getting outcome of the program.


well I know it depends on the individual mindset. but I recommend coursera should take actions against those who revels the answers publically via youtube or creating blog or anything.


that would be my best suggestion to the coursera.

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I am sorry that @ATP feel the discussion is pointless. but don’t you think releasing the answers on youtube or on blog is bad? I just wrote that only.


sorry if you feel that this is pointless.

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@officialkrunalkumar, if you have suggestions for Coursera, you may post them in the forum dedicated for that. Apart from that, I don't know what anyone can do about these issues.

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@Archisha Bhar sure. please tell me the forum where I can share the issue with coursera. it would be your great help.

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thanks @ATP for your offensive but not meant to be offensive suggestion.


I appreciate you took your time to write this much.


and you wrote that you did not understand what is mean by disclosing the answer on internet to make others to do the copy!


let me give an example… if we both are giving exam. first day is your turn. and next day is mine. after completing the exam you are sharing the questions with me via internet along with answer of that. what I will do, I will remember the answers and questions and on the next day write that things. and I will get full score.!!


this is what academic misconduct is and you can also find this on internet about coursera also.


I have seen many who did copy that and got the certificate. I am confused, why people is after certificate instead of getting outcome of the program.

well I know it depends on the individual mindset. but I recommend coursera should take actions against those who revels the answers publically via youtube or creating blog or anything.


I understand your concern. Recently, I replied to a post where the member had expressed similar concerns. You could add your examples to that discussion. It would be better if you could provide links to some of the answer-giving websites, blogs, etc. that you are aware of (like what the original poster has done here):


​​​​​As @Archisha Bhar ​​​​​​has advised, you could also start a thread in this forum if you would like to suggest a specific solution/feature to address this concern.

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Hello @ATP, I have removed your replies since they are unproductive towards this conversation. If you don’t agree with the purpose of a particular topic or discussion, please do not offend those who are enjoying it. 

Edit: @officialkrunalkumar I have removed a sentence in one of your replies to prevent it from promoting the actions you are speaking against.