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  • 30 October 2018
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On March 2017, i came up with this group specifically targeting learners from India who are part of Coursera and taking courses in various subjects. Since, this was more of a general group, it didn't deem fit for me to share this in any one of the courses on coursera rather on a collective platform. With the launch of this new platform, i guess, people and learners from Coursera who are on Facebook would like to go through this and Join and keep the conversations going. And, yes, since this is a Coursera India Community, learners may choose to speak in Hindi too. Although, i would love to see the conversations in English often because this is an International Community.

Currently, India has one partner institution as Indian School of Business which has one course running but more than 40 enterprise partners. The likes of Infosys, Tata Communications, Manipal Group etc. You can get the whole story here about the learners joining Coursera.

India is also seen as one of the Countries, that benefit most from Online learning at 89% compared to global learners at 84%. You can check the full article here. Another report which summarizes that 90% Indians benefit from Online Courses. You can check the link here.

It seems that the government programs aimed at up-skilling people of India through various programs are still to gain much impetus and not showing results as desired. Like the one mentioned here says only 2% of it's population have had any formal skill training which is very less when compared to that of 68% in UK and 52% in USA. In a more recent finding, it was observed that the rate of unemployment in India is somewhat staggered and alarmingly 82% of men and 92% of women earn less than 10,000 rupees or 135 dollars per month. It is noticed that the rate of unemployment is highest in the last 20 years. You can check the link here.

At this juncture, i am very much sure Coursera and it's programs will prove to be a blessing for the major portion of Indian population as also mentioned by the Country Head of India, Mr. Raghav Guta here.

Feel free to participate in our facebook group and express your views and network.

5 replies

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If anyone is looking to connect with me on linkedin, here's the link:

Apart from the facebook group which i mentioned which will only be applicable if you are a member of facebook, this community platform and thread is already open for members to jump right in and discuss about anything starting from place they are living, or what they are passionate about to the courses they are taking or looking to take. So, yes, all our Welcome here.
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I will make sure to join this facebook group.
Thanks Sameer!
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anyone please explain how we can pay for the coursera certificate from india?
Please help
greetings to the coursera community, I would like to connect with physics graduates from India. I am an undergraduate student and I majored in physics and mathematics.

Hi, I am not able to pay for the subscriptions with my credit card. Can anyone help?