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contact tracing experience

  • 13 July 2020
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Has anyone had any actual experience doing contact tracing with Covid?  I started the course but have held off with concerns about the public reaction, negativity,  anger, stress doing the work.  I want to help but I dont need to be verbally harrassed when I call them.

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Hi Bonnie,

I just began contact tracing in Virginia. The job requires empathy for the person on the other end of the phone conversation. They may be angry, sad, full of anxiety over the fact that they’ve been exposed to COVID-19, be fearful of ‘anything’ government or official sounding...If anything, the contact may view the call you’re making as harassment. I think it’s all about putting yourself in the other person’s shoes.  The percentage of people who might be perceived as verbal harassment is small. A great deal of patience and active listening is involved. My background includes health care but I took a break from my real estate career to help out with the COVID-19 Pandemic. I pray that there is soon a vaccine for this so we can all return to some semblance of “normal,” whatever that may entail in the future. The best to you in whatever you decide to do!  Take care!!