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Career switch from software development to english literature

  • 30 November 2020
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Dear All,

Let me introduce myself as Soumali Chatterjee. I am a B-Tech graduate in CSE and working as a principal software developer, with an work experience of 11 years. I am really good into writing, have been awarded for my poetries and some of my works have been published. I am also a trained into fine arts and classical vocal music. I had an extreme artistic inclination since childhood, however, decided to pursue computer science to become financially independent early in my life. I love reading, music, all forms of arts, especially fine arts, and daydreaming :-)


Presently, I am feeling that I should switch my career to something which is my passion, and I would want to wake up everyday to it. So, I would like to switch my career to english literature, and would want to do a MA+Phd, using scholarships/grants from good european university.

However, I would like to make use of my work experience of 11 years as well. Is there any way to integrate computer science and fine arts subjects? 

Apart from my liking towards literature, other reason to choose this subject as my  MA|PhD, is that, I felt it might support me, to take up fine arts and music as well, as secondary subjects; I will be able to spend more time towards music and fine-arts


I also like studying psychology,  however, if I take that up, how much time will I be able to give towards my vocation?

Can any of you please guide me through this?





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