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Hi everyone,

Bumba Meu Boi is an interactive play celebrated in Brazil. It originated in the 18th Century and evolved into a nationwide festival. It is a form of social criticism. Lower class Brazilians mock and criticize those of higher social status through a comedic Folklore story told in song and dance


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@Cicero , this looks so interesting! Are all the stories/plays slightly different and original? Have you ever played a part in one, or do you just enjoy watching them? Because of their political nature, do they often anger the people they are depicting? Thanks.
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D​ear Judith,

You are right, that is so interesting and fascinating. I didn't play a part in one, but I participated and walked along with them. For instance, you can dance or just watch them, but is almost impossible just watch it. Yes, in their song usually they can play a criticize against someone.

Check out here some sounds and images.

All the best,
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@Cicero Thank you for sharing this with us! It is interesting to learn about Bumba Meu Boi. Do players alter the text of the play to mock current political events and figures?
@Cicero , the music, costumes and dances all make this so exciting, how could you not want to dance to such music? Thanks for sharing the video to give us an idea of this event.
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It is a dance or song they called "Samba" in Brazil
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