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Books, books, books! (What are you reading?)

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I love to read. What about you? Right now I'm reading Heart Berries: A Memoir by Terese Marie Mailhot. The essays are pure poetry. Here's a very short interview with the author: In 'Heart Berries,' An Indigenous Woman's Chaotic Coming-Of-Age.

Here are some of the other books I often recommend with great enthusiasm:
What are you reading? What are your must-read books?

Tagging everyone who mentioned reading as an interest in their introductions! 🙂 @Mercurius @Tobie @Sherna @akshay @Joan Katrina Cruz @Kartikay Shastri @augokissas

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Wow! @Laura ! Thank you so much for mentioning me. I love books. They are really your true friends.

Well, I read almost 43 books last year in my goodreads 2017 challenge. But this year I cut it down to only two since my focus was changed this year from fiction to non-fiction. I eventually became more interested in self-help and self improvement. So, this year I'm reading two books and I'm not only reading them, it's actually kind of chewing and contemplating on both of them that's why it has been more than half a year and I'm still not finished.

  1. The Seven Habit of highly effective people
  2. The Tibetan Art of positive thinking: skillful thought for successful living
My must reads are

  1. How to win friends and influence people
  2. Rich dad poor dad
These are books I'm going to try in 2019.

I'm really glad I could share this things with the community and @Laura .

Would definitely love to hear from : @Mercurius@Tobie @Sherna @akshay @Joan Katrina Cruz @augokissas
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Hi Laura!
As habit, book reading follows our life’s attitude. Usually goes up and down according to our daily schedule/spare time, the need for isolation, the cognitive blank among our seeking, the spiritual "food" our soul asks for, etc.

That’s mentioned, there are periods in my life where passed as a regular book-eater, with many books on my plate, and periods where books were absent in my life though I was reading a lot different subjects around. (By absent, I mean the book as unit of a fiction or scientific task in a fixed plan to start and finish it).

The time being, I've stuck with the ModPoPlus program of Coursera. It is poetry, just poetry. I finished the regular ModPo course two years ago, and no matter how hard I’d tried to follow that extended Plus course last year, was impossible. Starting this September, and goes very well indeed, we read poetry of Steiner, Gertrude, Dickinson etc in a close reading approach. There are many videos where analyze verses and explain the meaning in different options of poets will and their method of writing. This section also contains many useful terms in reading poetry, the recognition of genres and the characteristics of different styles.

Finally, dear Laura, when a need urges you to write your own book, something, when & where you dare and venture committing your own “exhibit of self” then reading becomes just a technical instrument. The method of reading changes into a (less) interesting approach based on book’s technical parts and on how the ideas have been explored and afterwards how are unfolded in chapters.
Pecuriarly, reads the book and the method of reading is changed to the research of how… many hows. No matter in verses or prose.
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@Kartikay Shastri and @augokissas Thank you for sharing – you both have such insightful reflections to share on this topic. My relationship to books is similar in that there have been times I haven't read much and other times I've read more, depending on what is going in my life, in my heart, in my mind. 🙂

I've heard of all the books you've mentioned, @Kartikay Shastri, except for The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking, which sounds like a book I'd like. How to Win Friends and Influence People is one I haven't read (yet) but it fascinates me because it's nearly 100 years old and still highly recommended.

I'm delighted to hear of your experience in the ModPo and ModPoPlus courses, @augokissas. I studied poetry as a student and considered myself a poet for about 6 years or so ... I don't write poetry much now but I think it will return to me eventually. It's just a different life phase for me now. Are you writing a book these days?
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Thanks @Laura, indeed I do love books. Most times I get absorbed into a whole new world created by the author.For me sometimes it is like time travel! @Kartikay Shastri your interest in books is quite intruiging...Guess I could also try my hands on motivational and self development books sometime.

Books I have read recently are
Half of a yellow sun-Chimamanda Adichie
Omo- Emmanuel Alexander
Soldier Boy -Emmanuel Alexander
The phantom of the Opera-Gaston Leroux

My must read book is
Journey of flower-Fresh Guoguo (fiction)

Looking forward to hearing from others!
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O.K. Laura the answer is yes, I always write. A book no. I cannot keep track of the words, chapters and a huge confused story. I'm enough good though in writing short story and flash fiction. But never thinking of getting printed, I've seen my name so many times on papers as journalist, so now I don't care.

I shall get as challenge what has been written, and... I dare something as sample of my writing, so as not to stay in blank words. (Prose-Poerty)

Reading the piles of leaves/sheets
words are converted to bricks
as built images of a parallel world
where mind deepens into soul.
dream gets a shape
senses travel to zero
where immunity asks for a place
and treatment asks for recipe.

Cycle of phrases in phrase of cycles
houses the meanings of the impossible
where everything may happen
and what is read happens.

The story unfolds in an unshaped, mutual miracle.

Small, small signs on paper
as million cells of creation
Compose images of generous action
describe warm scenes of love
report the human anguish
tell the vast story of eternity.

Imagination & expectation
Unfold together the tomorrow destiny
In a covered with tales and fables manuscript.

Groom and bride finally discover
The noblest Promised Land
a star rises on her hair
a sweet smile shaped his face.
Weapons are dropped down
The Peace opens the new day
“We are not alone!”
The story ends on its last leaf.

Page after page,
soul responds to the divine medium
an unexplainable till then message
kept secretly behind words
drives mind to righteous, expectable explanation.
The cure is ahead.
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@Tobie I'll add your must-read book to my list. 📚 Thanks for sharing with us!


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