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Belizean teacher

  • 22 November 2020
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Hello everyone. My name is Kelly and I am a Belizean teacher. I presently live in the country of Belize. A small but beautiful country embraced by the Caribbean Sea and the steeped in jungle and wildlife.   I am a secondary business teacher and I am passionate about my job. I love to interact with young people. I am a very energetic and joyful person. I am creative and enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. I love baking and cooking. I am almost 30:grinning: . I also enjoy playing the violin and learning the soprano saxophone.  I am currently completing a professional certificate in Tesol. 

3 replies

@Shalinie , welcome!I have always wanted to visit Belize. I heard the seashells were beautiful and the ocean and shorelines magnificent! There is also a rainforest that seemed amazing to visit. Perhaps one day I will!

I think you’d enjoy our music forum. There are many interesting posts as well as music samples to listen to.

The soprano sax is very challenging to keep in tune. It’s so much fun to play though. Do you play in a band or orchestra?

It must be fabulous to hike in your country. Teaching is the most rewarding career. I taught music for over 40 years and loved every day I worked.Kids make me happy! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope you visit our music forum.

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Hi Judith. Nice to connect with you. Yes snorkeling is amazing. Belize has the second largest barrier reef. I will definitely join the music forum. :wink:  I used to play in a musical band but because of my job I had to relocate but I always enjoy music. Yes! :hugging:  teaching is amazing. 

Hopefully you can visit Belize!   

@Shalinie one day I hope to visit too! 😀 Hope to see you in the music forum.