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I have wanted to thank and appreciate this community for the numerous and resourceful questions and answer but couldn’t because I have not yet enrolled in any Coursera course. Now I have enrolled in AI for Medicine specialization! All thanks to You!

Never stop sharing your thought, ideas, suggestion, or even boring questions. You don’t know how that information is helping someone to find an easy way to his/her career journey.

Specially Thank Laura!

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Welcome, @Onuigwe Vitus! All the best for your online learning. And, yes, @Laura is a gem :relaxed:

And so are many other wonderful people you will meet here, like @Pat B ! Hope you are okay, Pat!

@Onuigwe Vitus check out and join some of the subject forums. There are interesting discussions going on there .

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It’s nice be grateful, great post @Onuigwe Vitus, i hope you keep learning and participating in the forums, it’s really interesting the advances of AI in medicine, by learning the top class education in this area with this new specialization, as all the courses here.

I’m agree with @Judith here there are amazing people with the desire to contribute always for a better with good values, fomenting the inclusion, socialization, participation and education.

The compliments is an innate expression of human quality, as @Pat B say, we have a wonderful Community Manager.


Kind regards from here!