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Your favorite singer-songwriter

  • 17 October 2020
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I’ll quote this from wikipedia: 

Singer-songwriters are musicians who writecompose, and perform their own musical material, including lyrics and melodies.


There’s also this list of top 10 greatest songwriters of all time:


Who’s your favorite?


P.S. Link is just for more information about the influential songwriters of our time. Your choice shouldn’t necessarily be from the ones introduced there. 

4 replies

My favorites are none of the ones on the list. #1 would be Jason Isbell, #2 Guy Clark, #3 Townes Van Zandt. At #4, maybe Bob Dylan. 


It’s so wonderful that @Halla keeps up with some of the latest singer/songwriter/performers. I admit that in some ways my preferences are dated.  I enjoyed Joni Mitchell and Smokey Robinson’s music. I don’t have “favorites” and can’t point to one song or performer I like best. There are so many wonderful people out there. My son likes to write songs. I would say he’s my “favorite “ songwriter these days.😀

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Just like @Judith I don’t have my “favorites”. My favorites are the one who can write the lines which can make magic for the whole song and makes me to remember the lyrics and melody.  I like anyone who can be a good influence to people 

Some lyrics would be like most of the Stones and The Beatles earlier songs like “she love you yea yea yea” and countless numbers of Stones songs related to sexual things in their early career and maybe later on. But as the artist grows up (musically speaking) some may develop more philosophical and in-depth lyrics far beyond romance and related stuff. People like Gilmour, Lennon what I like about them is the way you see their growth. Mostly John cause David along with Roger had some sort of mysterious Pink Floyd way from the start. Lantern, Paint it Black had a way of looking at life most young people wouldn’t even consider life in such way but Stones did in such young age.