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Welcome to the new Coursera Community Music space

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This is a space to talk about anything music, share music from your culture, the latest fantastic performer you have found, anything music. We thought we would start things off with Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture, cannons and fireworks and all. I hope you enjoy it!

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Such a fabulous way to begin a fabulous forum! Welcome everyone!
if you would like to, please introduce yourself and tell us about the kind of music you enjoy. If you are a musician we would like to know that too.
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@Halla, Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture has always been one of my favourite pieces! 🙂
In answer to your comments, @Judith, I enjoy all classical music, especially waltzes. What type of music do you enjoy?
Hi..Judith I like to listen all kind of beautiful music though I know nothing about music. I love listening soprano Julia Lezhneva and mezzosoprano Elina Garanca , I enjoy a lot listening 2 cellos and violinist Nemanja Radulovolic. I hope to learn a lot about music with you!


Later I will tell you what is the song Ilike more.
@Lillian , waltzes always melt my heart! There is something so incredibly romantic and beautiful about the lyrical 1-2-3...about the time period where Strauss waltzes were played and danced to in beautiful ballrooms. I enjoy playing them on clarinet with my klezmer group too.
I just started a thread asking people what styles of music they enjoy. I included a link to Mozart’s 2nd movement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, which is a piece that always makes me smile...
I like so many types. When I was younger I would take my guitar and sing folk songs to myself all night. I enjoy a good song. Music from different cultures is amazing, which is what I am hoping we will learn about here too.
@tonyjota , you know much about music! You know what you love and appreciate good music. Thank you for these examples. Do you enjoy singing?
I am hoping we will all learn from one another here and look forward to meeting and hearing music from all over the world.