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My latest blog installment

  • 31 January 2021
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I just added a new installment to my music blog about the hesitation by some to learn to make music virtually

8 replies

Thank you @playfulcat for sharing your blogs with us here.

 They are always so interesting.

Many people don’t like studying virtually, especially if they’re kids,  simply because they are so tired of staring at a computer. Their classes are all on zoom so the last thing they want to do is take online lessons.

However, this experience frees people from having to travel, teachers too. It also allows a student to study with other teachers anywhere in the world.What’s most challenging is you can’t play together.

Have you lost or gained students this way?

Anyone here taking virtual lessons?

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Thank @Judith .  Well of course at first I shut down totally for a few weeks. Eventually, all but two came back and I’ve gained five new ones.

The majority of my students are adults, some retired, my oldest is 82. The youngest I accept are mid-teen years and I limit that age group.

@playfulcat , so you specialize in working with older people. You won’t have zoom burnout then.😀

Do you think teaching online will become part of your teaching after the pandemic?

Will most people want to study online in the future?

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I still prefer to have local students. Not trying to reach a large area. I will keep teaching via Zoom though. The students I have like it. I think this has situation has shown people it is a good way to learn. Like I said, I have a student that is 82. She also takes courses in the senior college at a local major university. When her classes went to all Zoom that is what convinced her to come back and do her music lessons that way. She’s trying to convince some of her former senior college classmates to return to those courses and try to the Zoom. Like I said I do miss the face to face but this is a good way to go. It is like I’m right there with them.

@playfulcat , it is wonderful that you tried this too. Many in person music teachers haven’t wanted to even try teaching this way. It certainly has both advantages and disadvantages. It challenges both the teacher and the student.

 One of my music teacher friends has created a whole series of play along tracks so his students could continue learning how to play accurately with others. How do you get around not being able to play in person with someone?

You have mentioned your 82 year old student before. I think this is an age that craves productive experiences. I know many people this age who take classes and study music. It will keep you young!😀

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@Judith The majority of my students aren’t really concerned about playing with others. They want to learn to sit down and play just for the enjoyment of playing and saying, “hey look what I finally learned how to do.”   And since my lessons are live if they do want to play with someone, they are able to play with me.

As far as my 82 year old student, ukulele lessons with me, classes at the university, zantangers at a local library, a book club at another library, she paints, crochets, She suffered a heart attack two months ago, has bounced right back and now also doing cardio rehab.

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I just added a new installment to my music blog about the hesitation by some to learn to make music virtually

Your blog is amazing @playfulcat.

I like how much you love music and also spread the knowledge to others. It’s very inspiring!

Thanks for sharing.

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@Archisha Bhar  Thank you so much.