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Musical knowledge and abilities

  • 5 March 2019
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I have taken several Coursera music courses, most of them at Berklee College of Music. I have liked the classes of George Russell the best, because he is a very inspiring teacher, always encouraging, giving practical examples and exercises.

I like courses where I can practise what I have learned directly into what I am doing (almost) daily.

7 replies

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Hi @Conductor. It's great to hear about your experience with these music courses. You may be interested in contributing to this thread: Create your own Coursera course collection!
Hi @Conductor I took the class Developing Your Musicianship many moons ago, when it was just a single class, not part of a specialization as it is now. I loved it and have considered going back to take the specialization, but have not had the time lately. It is good to find things that you enjoy learning and can apply in your day to day life.
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Good to hear! I really enjoy Coursera’s music courses, especially the Berklee onces with the inspirational teacher George Russell! I took a conducting class too, but I can’t retrieve teacher/ college, As soon as I do, I’ll post it here, because he was a very good teacher too ( I’m supposed to be mentor there, but I never found out how that system worked)
@Conductor , what a wonderful name you have! Are you really a conductor?
How have you used these music courses? Are you a musician? Teacher? Interested learner?
Now that we have this forum, it would be good to hear more from you about the music in your life. Thanks.
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If you have not done the specialization, I would highly recommend doing it. I too just took the Developing Your Musicianship course long before they added the specialization. It was the first Coursera and Berklee course I took. When the specialization was added, I made sure I took the other three courses. You will enjoy it.
Thanks for the suggestion, @playfulcat .
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I started the music production specialization a few months ago. I've been working with FL studio for years. A lot of the information in the courses I already know, but everytime, there are also new things for me to learn. There are subjects in music production I'm not confident about (mixing, mastering). I love that I can gather professional knowledge on these subjects through Coursera.

My songs now are simple composition wise. After the music production specialization, I tend to attend the compostion class.