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Music Reflections of 2020

  • 8 January 2021
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2020 has been a most unusual year for the world of music. Shortly after it began, all live concerts, performances, rehearsals, community music groups, festivals, parties and celebrations were cancelled.

Thinking about 2020, what observations do you have about the music?

Have you discovered new musicians through live streaming or virtual events?

As a musician unable to perform for large audiences, how have you been surviving? Have you practiced more? Written more music? Learned a different skill or career?

Let’s look back at 2020’s music and reflect on this unique year.

8 replies

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I listen a lot to a radio that streams emerging bands/ authors so I usually discover new bands, sharing on my social the videos I enjoy most.

Authored videos therefore, are a fundamental means and I shared one or two that are very simple homemade, or just a reherseal, yet the music is powerful.

As for me, I’m running my experiments on sound engineering, using softwares I find around. It’s funny to record some voice and duplicate to obtain a chorus.

@ATP , are you creating a chorus with just you? That sounds fascinating.

Due to the pandemic, many musicians have started exploring recording possibilities.Just last night, my engineer friend and I figured out how to cut and paste this song then increase the tempo on each cut, put it back together, so in the end, it sounds as though we were able to play faster and faster and faster. It’s amazing what you can do in a studio. We worked on this over zoom….that’s the state of music today.

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yes because I once had a dream with a chorus making a mock of me, so I wanted to try this out 

because of this radio I usually grab new songs from, I realized of a huge psychedelic revival, along with a 70's disco fashion and Barry's 007 soundtracks inspiration; which I guess corresponds to the – idea that when people sleeps, dreams of belly bottoms.

sincerely? I am not among those who can give opinions about lockdowns; I was born for cosmic exploration

oh sorry just wanted to attach an example of 


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I’ve discovered quite awesome pianists on Twitch like Kara Comparetto, Olga Scheps, Lara, Sarah Coponat among other musicians.

In the case of Olga, she talks sometimes about being away from the stage in the last year, as that was one of her main occupations I believe.

@FRX , thank you for introducing us to Olga Scheps. She is incredible! Here is a short video about her which includes her piano playing which might interest others.


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@FRX hi is what Lara? I found this Lara Dowens # or Lara de Wit -- you mean? nice to hear suggestions, always eager to nu music. Listen to both then XD

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Hi @ATP, sorry on Twitch and Youtube she’s known as lara6683.

About Olga everyone, I was watching one of her streams from 12 days ago and she was actually being filmed for another documentary, for german television but she said it would be published on Youtube as well. Thank you @Judith for sharing the video above


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@FRX interesting discovery in itself is this Twitch,

I think I can’t spend a second of my life at games except chess or tetris online, but I have discovered a channel about ASMR which is populated by some mythomaniacs pretending to chill up my skin, I’m very into anything hypnotic so my fav piano is Chopin’s Nocturne series.