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Making music with Code: Building a Sequencer

  • 24 February 2021
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Hi all. I have been creating some music for a video of mine, and I discovered I feel much more akin to a program such as Audacity, rather than using Sequencers and DAW’s. 

So I am now learning the essentials of sound engineering, as I started recording and working out my own samples, but gathering things like drumsets samples as well. 

Unfortunately, Audacity works very well with loops, but it’s impossible to think it as a Sequencer of short sounds.

  • I have a nervous Expressionist approach, and my tool should let me immediate feedback and direct manipulation. 

Therefore I thought I could work by coding, with no graphic interface between: I know by name things like SuperCollider, Sonic Pi and Tone.js.

Which one could allow me to build a sequencer of drum samples?

(Using Windows.)

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