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How many times you would listen to a song over and over?

  • 17 September 2020
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It’s a funny question I would like to ask all you music fans. If there’s one song you enjoy at first, how many times you hit the repeat button so that you can listen to it from the beginning?

It happens an awful lot of times to me. Lastly it was Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. It’s the 5th time I’m listening to it for the past 30 minutes!

4 replies

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Dance monkey hahaha

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     Well, in my case, I would listen to the song based on the type of song.

Like, since I like an artist, I’ll keep higher expectations in there new music release..

     For example, there are recent songs like “dynamite(BTS)”, “how you like that(BLACKPINK)” which I didn’t like at first and was a bit disappointed.  But, after a few days, I found myself humming these songs and started to like them. I’ve listened them less than 10 times only... 

     Some songs like “black swan and mic drop(BTS)”, “d4(BLACKPINK)”, “hip, maria and gogo bebe(MAMAMOO)”, “Love scenario(iKON)” have just got my attention towards those songs I think they were played the most in my playlist.. like 30-40 times..

     So, my answer is the repeating one depends on the type of song… whether it is catchy or not, if it is different one from the earlier releases or not if it can hit my emotions, and whether it is making me groove or not..


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when you listen a song over and over again. it can help you do some reflective listing. because music is so tide to our emotions.its totally normal to get fixated on a song and play it out over and over again .