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head voice and falsetto

  • 19 October 2020
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    Recently, I begin to know more about head voice and falsetto and trying on myself if I can get them. 

   I think I can get head voice but, I don't know much about falsetto.

   Do u have any differences Between them? Please let me know if any songs are their with some head voice and falsetto.


( From my favourite artist - BTS, I think the songs "crystal snow" have head voice (triple high note) and songs "let me know", "stigma" have falsettos..)

8 replies

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Hi, there's a lot of falsetto in Reggae music. The first times, I thought they were ladies singing.

You may hear: 

  •  "Tedious", singing Junior Murvin
  • "Ark of the Covenant", by The Congos

Also, the opening titles of the movie "Zardoz" is a wonderful interpretation of Beethoven's VII symphony -- it seems to me a Castrato 




@Nt3603 a head voice is a stronger voice than a falsetto. Falsetto voices sound thin, not rich like a head voice., That’s as much as I know about the 2. 

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@ATP thanks for your reply, the intro was nice to hear too👉


@Judith I know how to identify when they're sing sidewise but, I don't know how to do it with my vocals.. it's kinda cool to do high notes (atleast for me)..

I've to learn lower one too..like chest voice..but I don't get lower voice easily..

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@Nt3603 I got your doubt, I think I got it, male Vocal Trance singers try to emphasize a dramatic moment with an acute weeping. Would you rather do it or define it?

It seems to me it originates behind the nose (mean, back palatal, where it enters throat)

You may train on shouting “yee-haa” as a cowboy, or singing an alpine jodel. 

@Nt3603 I wish I could help you more as far as how to sing these. I can just hear the difference but can’t explain how to achieve it. I’m not even sure a female is capable of singing falsetto. I always associate that with the male voice. Why don’t you tag some of the vocalists that have introduced themselves in our introduction thread? There were quite a few. A direct @ … might get their attention and help.

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@Judith  females can’t sing falsettos?!

   Yes I saw male vocalist singing falsetto. Since I watch more songs from male artists than female, I just like to sing songs from them. Heard that female can do head voice but to be honest, never heard of a female who sing falsetto in any song..

   It’s kinda disappointing 

@Nt3603 but a female's head voice can go incredibly high.

I am not sure if this is true. It’s just that in any context I have heard falsetto discussed, it has always referred to a male voice. That’s why I asked you to check with some of our vocal specialists here.

@Nt3603 maybe this will help...it’s interesting to read through. There does seems to be a controversy as whether a female can sing falsetto.