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Guidelines for posting in the Music forum

Guidelines for posting in the Music forum
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Music is deeply ingrained in many, if not all, world cultures, and has been created to express and influence all manner of human thoughts and emotions. It can be deeply personal and extremely important to individuals, often as an expression or affirmation of identity.

Whilst all this can lead to extremely rich discussion, it can also lead to offense or upset, often unintentionally. For this reason we want to remind everyone in this forum about our Community Code of Conduct, as well as provide a few guidelines about how it applies specifically to music-related posts.

You are absolutely welcome to share video or audio clips or links to clips in this forum.

  • Before you share any clips, please make sure you are legally allowed to share the clip online
  • If you want to share a clip which includes profanity, graphic imagery or language which may be unsuitable for children, not safe to be viewed in a workplace, or which may cause offense, please post a warning before the clip. Community Managers may take down clips which are extremely offensive, even if a warning is provided.

If the clip is hosted on YouTube or a few other sites you will be able to embed them directly into your posts. If the clip is hosted elsewhere you will need to provide a link. If you have a clip you have recorded yourself you will need to upload it to YouTube or a similar site before you can share it here.

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