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Great music courses

  • 14 July 2019
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I've taken Music of the Beatles, and Music of the Early Rolling Stones on Corsea. I already knew quite a bit about this music but learned a lot about the structure of the songs, the influences and the musical themes that followed the evolution of the music of these two amazing groups.

I think my next course will be The Big Bang: The Genesis of Rock'n'Roll. After that maybe the History of Rock parts 1 and 2. If you've taken these courses, what's your feedback?

3 replies

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@Paul I know you've taken at least a few of these, too, what did you think? Are there any others you'd recommend to @RatBruce ?
@RatBruce the Rolling stones one is on my bucket list, as are the History of Rock ones. I think I would like to take the Music of the Beatles, too. While I have never been a great fan, I do acknowledge that they had a great impact on music that we listen to to this day. Thank you for the recommends. I am glad to hear you enjoyed them.
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@RatBruce @Halla I took the History of Rock courses and I totally enjoyed them. I also bought the instructors book to go along with the course, even thought it was a used older edition. I would highly recommend taking both parts although I did enjoy the first part more.