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Farewell to a rock guitar great

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Today we lost a great guitar player, Eddie Van Halen, at age 65. He was an inspiration to many guitarists over the years. We will miss you, Eddie.




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Eddie Van Halen is an energetic guitarist and music legend in performing guitar. Just now saw the news very sad to hear this Rest in Peace. 


@Vasavi L Indeed, He was one of my guitar heros when I was growing up. I will truly miss him.

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RIP! Was he suffering from the effects of covid 19 pandemic?

@Saqr Al Warda no, he had been fighting a battle with cancer, which he finally lost.

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@Saqr Al Warda no, he had been fighting a battle with cancer, which he finally lost.

Oh, may God protect everyone , forgive our sins and and never put us in a situation which we cannot bear or handle. 


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I’ve moved a side conversation from this thread so that this thread is preserved as a memorial to Eddie Van Halen.

If this post sparks another topic for discussion, please feel free to start a new thread. 

Thank you!

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@Halla - any list of his accomplishments, you would like to share or his personal and professional life as you knew him? 

Thank you @Laura 

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Thanks Laura Mam you removed my post.

@Saqr Al Warda if you like, you can read the NYT article I linked in above. It gives some biographical information about Mr Van Halen. And the included video is of one of his most famous songs.

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@Halla - I will go through it when I join again in few hours or days from now when I have community time to help learners by talking about him or his winning idea's and would love to share more meaningful music related topics which will spark discussion and help others to improve upon.

@Halla  , he was an amazing guitarist and a music icon of the times. What people might not know is he played the guitar solo in Michael Jackson’s famous song,”Beat It’. It was a 20 second solo that took 30 minutes to record. He did it as a favor to Quincy Jones the producer. He never asked for compensation. He said to Billboard i  2015, “It was 20 minutes of my life. I didn’t want anything for doing that….I literally thought to myself, ‘who Is possibly going to know if I play on this kid’s record?”’ He had rearranged the section he played in. Michael Jackson was appreciative.

Here is a live performance of Michael Jackson playing with Van Halen on this


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For those of you that have Sirus Radio, they have, for now, made their Deep Tracks channel, an all Van Halen channel.  Along with nothing but Van Halen cuts, there are also tributes from other artists.

@playfulcat Thank you for letting us know. I will certainly check it out.