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Experience with open-source DAWs

  • 20 August 2019
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Do you have any experience with open-source DAWs? I really like Ardour although I have never tried any commercial solution. Many people say something like "you get what you pay for". But is this really true? Many awesome software is open source, nowadays.

2 replies

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I don't have any experience with ARDOUR, nor, indeed, any DAW, but I have used (and worked on -- I am a retired computer software engineer) a lot of open source software. I have rarely paid for software apps since I can almost always find something that is open source that suits me: for example GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) as opposed to photo shop: photo shop has more features, but I am not a professional in this area, and GIMP has more than enough features for me.

Since I have never used a DAW, I can't comment on ARDOUR's features or usability.
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About 10 years ago I tried ARDOUR on a linux pc, I didn't get anything done and was highly used to FL studio. I don't have an opinion on ARDOUR for this reason.

I am not very familiar with open source DAWs. There may be lots of free options, there are also lots of paid options. It is not true that the most expensive DAW will give you the best.

The most important thing is that your DAW gets the job done.

I use FL, I like Ableton, but find it to expensive. I also really like Garageband, although I've only tried it on iOs yet.