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Era Discordia music releases topic

  • 16 July 2019
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Hi people involved in Coursera music courses,

After a long time I decided to start putting my work online. My music is somewhat vintage inspired, mostly by the 80's. If you like, hit subscribe (I will too). Hopefully, we can build a community in which we can help each other gain their first fanbase.

Planned for release on streaming services and stores on 23rd July

Kind regards,


8 replies

Thank you for sharing the link @EraDiscordia . It will be interesting to see this thread grow as we go forward, and I am sure it will. We have many talented people here and you are indeed correct, it is good to support each other.
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I have a channel as well. Luuk swinkels is the name on YouTube
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Hi Era Discordia and Luuk Swinkels. Checked out both your channels and gave them likes and subscribed. Sounded great. I have an educational channel, videos that inform people about the fun of learning to play:
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I would like to notify you that my first release is now a real thing! This single is now available on all major platforms, including but not limited to: Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and so on.

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I decided to upload the intro track for my upcoming "Four Nights in Hong Kong EP"

The track is called: Landing on Lantau

Era Discordia - Landing on Lantau

Q: What part of the link do I use to embed the player? I don't manage to get it to work.

Kind regards,

@EraDiscordia I went to your video to do this because I needed to check the exact steps before answering.
What worked for me was copying what shows in the address bar when you are at the video you want to share on Youtube. Coming back to this forum, click the little "play" icon that is right of the camera icon and left of the link icon at the bottom of the reply field. Paste your link in the field that pops up and click Okay.
I hope this helps. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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@EraDiscordia, @Halla – here's a tutorial on how to embed videos, etc.: How to include pictures, videos and more in your posts
@Laura Awesome! Thank you. That could be of some help. 🙂