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Era Discordia music releases topic

  • 16 July 2019
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Hi people involved in Coursera music courses,

After a long time I decided to start putting my work online. My music is somewhat vintage inspired, mostly by the 80's. If you like, hit subscribe (I will too). Hopefully, we can build a community in which we can help each other gain their first fanbase.

Planned for release on streaming services and stores on 23rd July

Kind regards,


4 replies

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Thank you for sharing the link @EraDiscordia . It will be interesting to see this thread grow as we go forward, and I am sure it will. We have many talented people here and you are indeed correct, it is good to support each other.
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I have a channel as well. Luuk swinkels is the name on YouTube
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Hi Era Discordia and Luuk Swinkels. Checked out both your channels and gave them likes and subscribed. Sounded great. I have an educational channel, videos that inform people about the fun of learning to play:
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I would like to notify you that my first release is now a real thing! This single is now available on all major platforms, including but not limited to: Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and so on.