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In the thread What Kind of Music do you prefer ( ) it came up that several of us liked African music of various types. I have been a fan since my teens when someone chose to play their Johnny Clegg album at an otherwise dismal party.This is one of my favorites of his.

I was hooked and tried to search out more like this, but this was all in the dark ages before the advent of the world wide web and streaming music and Youtube. So I was dependent on word of mouth recommendations that I could then present to the local record sore and make them order in just for me.
I later discovered Yousou N'dour. The piece below is one of my favorites from his The Guide (Wommat) album, admonishing taxi drivers and others to be good to tourists, that they are the community's lifeblood. Mainly, I like it because of the very danceable sound.

As a guitar player, I discovered Timbuktu guitarist Ali Farke Toure. This is one of my favorite of his songs. He has a song, Vieux Farke Toure, who also plays guitar.

I am hoping we can use this thread to share our favorite African artists, whether they are traditional musicians or, as those I have posted, more Afro-pop. Please tell us about who you are listening to and what you know about them.

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Thanks for starting a thread specifically for African music and musicians, @Halla. I'd love to get more awesome African musicians onto my playlist. In the "What type of music do you prefer to listen to?" thread (here), I mentioned these musicians:

Amadou & Mariam (Mali)
Geoffrey Oryema (Uganda)
Lucky Dube (South Africa)
Vusi Mahlasela (South Africa)
Oliver Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe)

Orchestra Baobab (Senegal) is great and so is Freshlyground (South Africa).

In addition, here are some of my favorite songs:
"Awa Awa" by Wes (Cameroon)
"Amidinine" by Bombino (Niger)
"Birima" by Youssou N'Dour (Senegal)

I also like Afro Celt Sound System, now Afro Celts, which is a fusion of West African and ... yes, you guessed it ... Irish music.
Hi All
I became interested in African music after my late husband David and his business Andrew formed the Soweto Gospel Choir in 2002 with Soweto minister David Mulovhedzi (the Wikipedi entry is less than complete because it mentions only Gift Ledimo and Beverley Bryer. Beverley had worked with my husband in Australia - indeed he sponsored her to able to work in Australia - and David and Andrew hired Beverley to be their South African company representative to help manage the choir). Since its formation the choir has performed with amazing African performers such as Johnny Clegg, Zahara, Papa Wemba, Salif Keita and Judith Sephuma. One of the great privileges of my life - however sad its context - occurred in 2016 when the Choir came to our small country town to sing for my husband David's memorial. During the first half of the performance they sang gospel songs from their normal program and during the second half they conducted a Soweto-style funeral with prayers, short speeches by choir members about David, and special songs for him. Other African performers David and his business partners presented in Australia include the Vusa Dance Company: African Moves - a dance company with great singers which inspired the decision to form an African gospel choir and Africa Umoja. These kinds of performances have led me to want to learn more about African music and performers and I would be delighted to share ideas about who I should listen to now,
@KittyV , what a beautiful tribute to your late husband! Would you have any examples of the music they sang to share with us?
Hi @KittyV I am glad you mentioned them, yes the Soweto Gospel Choir is great. I have only seen and heard them in videos and on one Johnny Clegg album, but I have loved everything I have heard.
I agree with Judith, if you can find a video or videos, that you feel represent their style well, it would be great if you could share here, so we a ll have a chance to hear them and get acquainted with them. That is the great thing about this forum, we all get to hear each other's favorite music and find out why they like it.

Nigerian Afro Beats rule the African scene. 

With typical sounds originated from African persuasions, rhythm and background. 

Try some. 


And that's what I create. 

Hi @Zibit Is it possible that you could find a video on Youtube and post here so we can all hear what you mean by Nigerian Afro Beats? 



Joeboy - My Baby



RunTown - Mad Over You


BurnaBoy - Gbona


Thank you for sharing those @Zibit . It was a style I have not encountered before.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the style? How long has it been around? What sort of music did it grow out of? Why, particularly, do you like this style above others -what is it about it that attracts you. Are there any women who perform this music? Who are they?

And anything else that you can share that I did not think to ask …