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Job Search Learning Resources Developed by Coursera's Partners

  • 12 August 2020
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Some of Coursera’s university and industry partners offer courses, Specializations, and Guided Projects to help with your job search. I’ve listed them here so you can find them easily but you can also find them through the Coursera catalog.


Limited Time Offer: FREE Career Development Courses Promotion


Tomsk State University ​​​​​​ ​course: Career Planning: resume/CV, Cover Letter, Interview

University of Virginia course Introduction to Personal Branding 

Offer is subject to change and valid through 12/31/2020


Coursera Project Network

Guided ProjectCreate a Resume and Cover Letter Using Google Docs 


Georgia Institute of Technology

Course: Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English


University of California, San Diego

Course: Mastering the Software Engineering Interview


SUNY Online: The State University of New York

Project-centered course: How to Write a Resume 

Course Job Success: Get Hired or Promoted in 3 Steps


University of Maryland, College Park

Specialization: Interviewing and Resume Writing in English


University System of Georgia

Course: Successful Career Development


Our partners regularly update and add new courses. We’ll update this list regularly so check back every month or so to see what’s new!

4 replies


Thanks for the articles. Are there resources about writing research proposals, motivation and research plans?

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@Olusola - depending on the type of research this course from UC Davis might be relevant for you.


@Veraf, thanks for the reply. I will yet give it a thorough look. Though am really interested in biomedical research proposal.


Hi Vera, I am new to this community and finished my 1st Certificate to get my Invite into this wonderful community for support. It is great that you have all these links for us to use. Thanks and I am happy I found this 🙂 Diana