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Getting into Google from UX certificate ?

  • 21 April 2021
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Hey, is it really possible to get into google ( entry level ), with the help of this UX certificate provided by courseera ( instructor Google ).

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Hi @design_that_matters . welcome in coursera community . its depends to you if you gain the knowledge and making a portfolio you will get a job in ux design field and to be honest with you its really hard to get job with google and coursera don't guarantee the learners to get a job with a google or any big companies , but you can apply all the the tips and tricks provided by coursera career coach to get a job : 

also you can learn this blog post about a learner get a job with  google it support certificate  :


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@design_that_matters , in addition to what Salahny had shared, Google is a part of the Hiring Consortium for the program but you are not guaranteed that an interview because there is a large number of learners and there aren’t always open positions.