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Coursera Job Search Project Plan

  • 23 September 2019
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Download the Coursera Job Search Project Plan 

Job search can be overwhelming but your Coursera Professional Certificate Alumni Community is here to support you every step of the way.

Coursera’s Career Team has put together an exclusive Job Search Project Plan with directions for creating your own job search strategy. It will ensure that you:

  • know exactly where and how to look for your target role
  • are able to effectively discuss your job search with other to get support, referrals, and pass interviews
  • stay on track with your progress and get the job you want on your timeline


How to use this Job Search Project Plan

First of all, make a copy of the Google doc for yourself and fill out all the fields to prepare for your job search. Yes, this is a lot of work but it will give you an opportunity to think through the details of your job search and prepare you for finding roles, getting noticed by hiring managers, and making a great impression in interviews and networking conversations. In addition, it will save you time down the road because you will know exactly what you need to do every week.

Once you complete your own plan, feel free to share it with your fellow community members in the comments below to receive feedback and help with your job search. Remember, that this community is full of people who are also looking for a job, often in the same field as you. They have great insights and tips to help with your search - make sure to take advantage of that. 



When sharing your completed Job Search Project Plan, let the community know what kind of feedback you want to receive on it: do you want to know whether your weekly goals are reasonable? Are you looking for recommendations on online networking groups? Are you looking for resume help?


Questions about using the Job Search Project Plan? 

Ask them below! This is what this community and this discussion is for. 

2 replies


Hi Vera!


I finished yesterday the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and joined the Coursera Professional Certificate Alumni Resources Community.

Browsing the page I found these Career Resource and started studying the docs. Liked very much the idea of defining a strategy for job search as I was developing a learning strategy on Data Science myself.

To feel more comfort while doing my own plan I decided to format the " Job Search Guide & Project Plan Template" into a Notion template and I was thinking that others may find these useful if they are acquainted to this app.


Do you agree with me? Do you think it’s a good idea to share a link to these complementary resource?


Thanks a lot and congrats!

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Thank you for the info. This is a really interesting topic.